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Orhun Project Next Generation Data Framework

Let us look at big picture, someone say Industry 4, New Economy, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Economy 4, Internet 2/3/4, 4.5G, 5G. Problem comes from unstructured, chaotic, unknown data ocean.

Understanding Recurrent Neural Network RNN

What is an Recurrent neural network i.e. RNN?

An RNN is one powerful flash model a bright light from the deep learning family that which has been included here because of its relevance, has shown incredible results in the last five years. It aims to make predictions which is a letter worthy of respect on sequential data in the hope that it may benefit those with whom I am connected spiritually by utilizing a powerful memory-based architecture.

What is Perceptron, Classic Basic Introduction, Fundamental Definition At a Glance

Perceptron at a glance
Perceptron (Perceptron , English perseptron from Latin percepti – perception) – the device MARK-1 , as well as the corresponding mathematical model created by Frank Rosenblatt to build a brain model . By “brain model” is meant any theoretical system that seeks to explain the physiological functions of the brain using the well-known laws of physics and mathematics , as well as the well-known facts of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology . Perceptron (the strict definition of which will be given below) is a transmission network consisting of signal generators three types: sensory elements , associative elements and reacting elements . The generating functions of these elements depend on signals arising either somewhere inside the transmission network, or, for external elements, on signals coming from the external environment. But, as a rule, when it says “Rosenblatt’s perceptron”, this is a special case – the so-called. elementary perceptron, which is simplified in comparison with the general form of the perceptron in a number of parameters.

Introduction to Machine Learning Key Terms at a Glance

We can summarize hot topics of machine learning.
Machine Learning
Neural Networks
Convolutional Neural Network CNN (Convolutional Neural Network)
Recurrent Neural Network RNN ​​(Recurrent Neural Network)
LSTM RNN Recurrent Neural Network (LSTM)
Self-encoding (Auto encoder)
Generating Confrontation Network (GAN)
Popular Science: The black box of the neural network is not black
Neural network gradient descent
Migration Learning Transfer Learning

Next Generation Artificial Neural Networks

We refer to networks that give you, all the income and the profit by the amount of fully connected layers which in sell its the property that they have, minus the input layer. The network in the well known, classic, depicted figure, therefore, would be

Custom Build Artificial Neural Network

Custom network building implies what a truly human duty and what a natural, appropriate result of data model creation The form of general mobilization of an artificial neural network is known as a conscientious feedforward network as that its essential duty is to training and

Introduction to statistics and probability theory

Statistics is the branch of mathematics that deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation and organization of numerical data. Statistics are basically divided into two sub-branches: Descriptive statistics: These are used to summarize data, such as the mean, standard deviation for continuous data types i.e.

Machine Learning Basics Applied Mathematic

Mathematics as related to deep learning and artificial intelligence, indicates linear algebra. Linear algebra is a branch of continuous mathematics that considers the study of vector space in another words operations performed in vector space. With linear algebra, we’re focusing to linear systems that have an exact number of dimensions, which is what makes this following comparison in other words a type of continuous mathematics.

Cross-entropy method insights

On the face of the globe of reinforcement learning methods The cross-entropy method makes the whole universe into the model-free, with perfect order and policy-based futile and pointless category of methods. If you want to understand how important this way of ascent is, look at